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Warm Summer Night

Terrible quality, but is there anything better than a warm summer night playing in – er, rather sitting near the

Photo of Bill Schock

For Bill

Back in 2014, I included a chapter in my book detailing Bill Schock’s war experiences as they related to his reporting on the crash of Braniff International flight 250 in 1966.

Snow at Hermitage Station

Hard to tell in this pic, but it’s snowing to beat the band in Music City. Thoughts and prayers to

Ice Lights

We got snow over ice … at least on our patio lights. Don’t want to know about the streets. Posted

Snow in Dixie

Snowing to beat the band in Music City and they’re as panicked as if General George Thomas and his Yankees

Hello Autumn!

Hello Autumn. Nice to see you finally show up. But could we have something between 90 degrees yesterday and 67

Trees, Part Deaux

Trees, Part Deaux (cont'd) … but it fell onto the neighbors' yard, barely missing their porch and stuff. Its carcass…

Trees, Part Une

Trees, Part Une: "I think that I shall never see "A nasty devil like a tree. "They always fall over

Chilly Early Sunset

Beautiful but chilly early spring sunset in Donelson/Hermitage tonight. Posted by Steve Pollock on Friday, April 8, 2016

Sleepy Easter

On a rainy, cool, early Spring, Easter Sunday afternoon, the absolute best thing to do is to #BeLikeTheGoose and sleep.

We Are Minnesota.

Coats? Coats?! 20 degrees outside and snowing, eh? We don't need no stinkin' coats. We. Are. MINNESOTA!!(Two movie references there,


This pic pretty much tells you everything you need to know about the weather this week. It actually got hotter

Cold Weather

Cold is finally here. Temps have been frigid the past several days, with highs not hitting 50 and lows easily

Wrong Again

It’s been back up in the mid-80s with high dewpoints for the past several days, just proving once again that

Autumn Is Here

Today did, in all seriousness, feel for the first time like autumn. It didn’t really get much above 60 degrees

Overheard Outside the School of Social Work

“It’s just like wintertime out here today!” “I know, isn’t it horrible?” And so the next five or six months


Yesterday actually felt like the first hints of autumn to me — it was very hot, like it’s been for

Weather Aplenty, But …..

More sudden and unpredictable afternoon cloudbursts today, complete with several suitably ominous lightning strikes and thunderclaps. But still no cicadas.