Autumn Is Here

Today did, in all seriousness, feel for the first time like autumn. It didn’t really get much above 60 degrees all day (it’s supposed to dip down to 36 tonight), and there was that unmistakable bite in the air that hasn’t been around for at least five months, or whenever the freak day or two was in April when we had really chilly weather at the tail end of winter (forget spring, there was no spring to speak of at all this year — just a long winter and an equally long summer). Some folks were out today defiantly wearing their shorts and T-shirts — it was still sunny, after all — and some were dressed up in full-on parka-zipped-up-to-the-neck mode. Summer weather won’t be here much longer, the forecasts of temps in the mid-to-high 70s over the next few days notwithstanding.