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His Majesty Objects

His Majesty the Roux, Speaking on a Subject of the Gravest National Interest

His Imperial Majesty the Roux is rather protective of the Royal Demesne. So whenever friend and neighbor, the talented Lars Thorson (who just happened to be on Good Morning America and the Colbert Show this week, but that’s another post) walks the incredibly adorable, majorly awesome puppy the Townes-ter, His Majesty and at least 3/4 of the Royal Court (Queen Sascha typically can’t be bothered to soil herself in territorial disputes) collectively lose their … little doggy minds.

After some interminably loud defending the walls of the castle, HIM the Roux comes inside and complains for 15 minutes to us churls about Townes very existence in the Royal Orbit. Part of the Complaint revolves around the undisputed Treasonous Conduct of us churls in Divers Huggings and Walkings and Flauntings of the Dangerous Interloper, but as long as we churls pay the castle expenses, a standoff situation is guaranteed to prevail.

(Also, see how His Majesty’s face is getting lighter and whiter? He’ll be a dead ringer for King Lear soon. His Highness shall be eight (8!) years old next month. Lord, His old age will be a Thing to Behold! Also, shhhhhhh. Don’t tell him.)


His Royal Snit Fit

Portrait: His Imperial Majesty The Roux throws the Royal Snit Fit, leading His Court in vocal protests against All This Infernal Packing.
Again, sorry for poor video quality. You takes ‘em as you gets ‘em.)

Posted by Steve Pollock on Thursday, April 26, 2018

Sascha and Bosco Asleep

Bosco snoozing up next to his sister before his nail trim. Things have taken a turn and not towards the good. More pain pills on way. We’re waiting for his decision and being strong for him.

Posted by Steve Pollock on Wednesday, February 21, 2018

[And thanks everyone, your support and love for Boscketty and us is wonderful and overwhelming and greatly appreciated. There is diminished lung capacity and he is limping and sleeping more. Vet says his heart is strong, and so is his appetite. And His Majesty the Roux is (mostly) keeping the lid on so Bosco can sleep. Thanks again!]

Simon Invades

His Imperial Majesty registers Royal Displeasure over an infiltration into the Kingdom by an insolent guerilla fighter from the K.A.T. organization, which only His Majesty’s keen eyesight can detect. (It’s white with some brown and three houses away and goes by the moniker “Simon.”)
Simon conducts hit-and-run raids at least twice daily, and His Royal Roux-ness, like LBJ with Vietnam, can’t figure out why His troops aren’t meeting with success in curtailing the insurgency. (Simon even has his own Ho Chi Minh Cat trail and has recruited four (!) additional K.A.T. guerillas to infiltrate the Demesne and Drive. The. Roux. Nuts.)
His Majesty is NOT amused!

Posted by Steve Pollock on Monday, February 26, 2018

Three Hounds

Our beloved Bosco (in the middle between His Majesty the Roux and Queen Sascha) is not feeling good tonight. Feels like…

Posted by Steve Pollock on Wednesday, January 10, 2018

[So very sorry to have taken so long to say it, but thank you everyone for all your love and support for Bosco, Sascha and us. It is appreciated greatly.

He needs his pain meds every six hours and is noticeably feeling worse. With meds, he seems more normal, but is just enough off that you know what’s happening.

Sascha is being her bossy self as usual; she has issues getting up, but flings herself around and hollers at everyone to do her bidding. We’ll keep her meds flowing.

Thanks again to all the wonderful Belly Rubbers and friends of hounds everywhere!]

Unhand Me, Foul Knave-Churls!

His Majesty is NOT in a mood to be recorded. Rash is gone, ears are better, but not quite there yet. Annnnddd … we discovered a cyst on the Royal Tuckus, which will be medically treated. If that doesn’t work, lancing and draining will be required and that brings forth a nightmare of epic proportions in our heads, so we churls are hoping it doesn’t come to that. Caring for Sascha AND a Roux with a tube in his tail root draining ugly things is just … inconceivable! <exhausted sigh> C’mon meds, do your stuff!

Posted by Steve Pollock on Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Sascha's Going Into Traction

Two days, two vet visits. Sascha, Queen of Our Hearts, seems to be steadily losing the use of her back legs. Not been a…

Posted by Steve Pollock on Tuesday, December 12, 2017

[Update: She’s home resting. Ummmm. Herniated disks and arthritis and a messed up spine and has feeling lower down, but can barely move. She’s on complete bedrest for two weeks, and we’ll have to assess her quality of life and if she veers off into pain and more paralysis, welllll. Not giving up. Fighting as we always do (three times in ten years). But … yeah.
I’ve said this afternoon … rescuing senior dogs is vital, important, and deeply rewarding. They return great amounts of love unconditionally and trust you completely. But … sometimes it just sucks bigtime. I still wouldn’t … well, to quote “Steel Magnolias” … “I wouldn’t exchange thirty minutes of wonderful for a lifetime of nothin’ special.” Madame is still ruling the roost even if the roost is a forced perch on the couch. As long as she wants to do that, we think that’s pretty special.]

Royal Conversation

His Imperial Majesty, #IAmTheRoux, is the King of the Castle, but Queen of Our Hearts Sascha knows better. Here, we eavesdrop on one of their conversations, in which She Who is Not Amused puts the Royal Loudmouth quite in his place, while the Court Jester Bosco and we, the house churls, keep our mouths shut. You can see how he bows to her at the end. She wins the argument by shutting him up. Just a rainy Saturday afternoon at the Royal Basset Demesne at Saddlebrooke.

Posted by Steve Pollock on Saturday, March 12, 2016

Sunbath for Sascha

Her Highness Sascha, Queen of Our Hearts, enjoys the sun of a day filled with early spring promise. Of course, the Royal…

Posted by Steve Pollock on Monday, February 29, 2016

I Am The Roux!

I Am The Roux.

I am a loud basset.

A proud basset.

A messy basset.

A hungry basset.

A loving basset.

A force of nature.

As a puppy, I got lost and couldn’t find my way home.

I was very, very hungry. And scared.

I ended up in a sad place. The concrete was very hard.

But then someone saw my long sad face behind the chain link fence.

I was rescued!