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Whatta Rush

It’s always fun to get a phone call during morning meeting from your oncologist, who you just met yesterday, and who says …

My Cancer Journey Begins

I called Monday morning and the news was what I thought—but with an unexpected twist
I have a malignant carcinoma on my toe…type is Kaposi’s Sarcoma.

Bosco is Limping

Bosco started to limp today, indicating a spread of the osteosarcoma to his joint. He also just had a long

Unhand Me, Foul Knave-Churls!

His Majesty is NOT in a mood to be recorded. Rash is gone, ears are better, but not quite there

Dragged Off to Hell

His Majesty is trying to magically blink away this followup vet visit, a la “I Dream of Jeannie” It’s not

Sascha's Going Into Traction

Two days, two vet visits. Sascha, Queen of Our Hearts, seems to be steadily losing the use of her back

I Must Protest This Assault Upon Our Person

“I must protest this assault upon Our Imperial and Royal Person! We have been captured and drugged –DRUGGED, We tell…

Beagle. Anal. Glands. Urk.

Beagle. Anal. Glands. If you have/have had a beagle, you probably understand why we’re over the river and through the…

Protesters in the Streets

American Carnage: 17-Nov-17

The Diddler’s Club What we learned this week: • Al Franken is the latest member of the “People Who Diddled

Fergus, Post-Surgery

Taking Fergus home after some surgery to remove a couple of skin tags, his teeth thoroughly cleaned and some testing.

A Bout of Gout

His Imperial Highness Prince #IAmTheRoux wishes his Loyal Subjects at home and Dear Friends Abroad, that, owing to an… Posted

Piranha Club, Bang On

From longtime favorite strip, "Piranha Club," (still known as "Ernie" in Scandinavia), a 'toon from October 1999 that I… Posted

Thank God THAT Thing is Gone

[Gross picture alert. You've been warned! Unfazed? Well, I warned ya. Besides, you got two of these inside you,… Posted

More Ugly Hospital Cactus Booties

Guess what came back with me from Minnesota? Yup, the ugly green hospital cactus booties. But for some reason, His…

I Have a Brain!

The whole Minnesota experience was mostly Minnesota Nice, always efficient and highly effective. It was also at times… Posted by

Ugly Cactus Green Hospital Booties. Yes, Again.

[Posting all this here for everyone, 'cause my phone is temporarily misplaced. Thanks for understanding.]Guess what's… Posted by Steve Pollock

Ugly Cactus Green Hospital Booties. Part Deux.

Again with the teal booties; at least this time, they match the chair! Posted by Steve Pollock on Friday, February 5,

Huggy Bear

I WANT this thing. It has a hose that hooks to your gown and it blows cold or hot air

Pokey Pokey!

Pokey pokey!!! Here we go! Posted by Steve Pollock on Friday, February 5, 2016

Et Sanavit Omnes

"Et Sanavit Omnes." Lobby of St. Mary's Hospital, Rochester, while waiting on my escort to the spot I've been trying

Good Morning St. Mary's!

Good morning, St. Mary's and Mayo! Two degrees, huh? Beautiful day for yank/slice/dice! Let's get it on! Posted by Steve

Bye Bye Alien

Remember that movie from 1979, "Alien" ? THIS is how I've felt for 12 years. It's time to take out

A Fun Little Video While We Wait

Hey! Wanna see what the excellent Mayo endocrinological surgical team will be doing to me at 10 this morning? No?

Farewell Doc!

As Sinatra would say, "So make it one for my baby and one more for the road."Farewell Dr. Pepper! I'll

Farewell to My Little Friends

A few hours ago, I took the final dose of the drug that has kept my adrenal glands in check

Mayo History Room: 1880s Beagle Reading Chair

I knew this place and I would get along when I saw the history museum and found out the Mayo

Uh Oh.

In the clinic's history museum. Posted by Steve Pollock on Thursday, February 4, 2016

My Home for the Next Eight Hours

My home for the next eight hours. Spiffy. Posted by Steve Pollock on Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Ugly Cactus Green Hospital Booties

Booties. Not my color. Posted by Steve Pollock on Tuesday, February 2, 2016

It's What Time??!!

Mayo's St. Mary's Hospital admitting area is like an airport at 5:30 in the morning. Now boarding: Passengers carrying small,

Good Morning Rochester!

Good morning, Rochester! Blizzard coming, ready? Posted by Steve Pollock on Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Good Morning Adrenal Glands!

Good morning, adrenal glamds. We have a surprise for you! (5 am…SUCH an ugly time to get outta bed!) Posted

Snow's A-Comin'!

The sun is gone, swallowed by white fog. Flag is limp on the mast. Blizzard warning begins at 6. The

36 Hours

36 hours from now, my cholocystectomy should be finished and I should be floating on a cloud of anesthetic and


Having gone outside to let the beagle do his thing, and counting how many times I’ve sneezed in the past