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Latest Bad News: Sascha

Did you ever have one of “those” years? For me, 1993 was my, as the Queen said, “annus horribilus.” But

Sascha Says Goodbye to Bosco

She was not very willing (a little freaked out, I think—she knew things were not right), but I did get

Sascha and Bosco Asleep

Bosco snoozing up next to his sister before his nail trim. Things have taken a turn and not towards the

Elegant Queen Sascha

The ever-elegant Queen Sascha likes the sun as well. Posted by Steve Pollock on Monday, February 26, 2018

Cuddled Up

Bosco is cuddled up against his sister. He’s breakkn’ our hearts. He’s hanging in there tough, but is now having

Sascha's Going Into Traction

Two days, two vet visits. Sascha, Queen of Our Hearts, seems to be steadily losing the use of her back

Sascha Gets Some Gingerbread

Queen Sascha gets a gingerbread elefunk. Posted by Steve Pollock on Saturday, December 2, 2017

I'm So Pretty

"I'm still pretty. Let that vet come in and witness my prettiness." (Queen of Our Hearts Sascha, dirty ears, long…

Her Majesty Gets Some Chassis Work Done

Queen of our hearts Sascha and the inimitable Bosco got their nails trimmed today at the Petsmart in Hermitage. The

Royal Wariness

Sir Goose is hanging out on the rear terrace of the Manse, keeping a watchful eye as Queen Sascha takes

Imperial Garden Party

'Midst the verdant green of their Saddlebrooke Place manse, Their Imperial Majesties, Queen Sascha on the left, His… Posted by

Royal Conversation

His Imperial Majesty, #IAmTheRoux, is the King of the Castle, but Queen of Our Hearts Sascha knows better. Here, we

Sunbath for Sascha

Her Highness Sascha, Queen of Our Hearts, enjoys the sun of a day filled with early spring promise. Of course,