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His Majesty Objects

“After some interminably loud defending the walls of the castle, HIM the Roux comes inside and complains for 15 minutes to us churls about Townes very existence in the Royal Orbit. Part of the Complaint revolves around the undisputed Treasonous Conduct of us churls in Divers Huggings and Walkings and Flauntings of the Dangerous Interloper …” | Read more after the jump …

Curses! Drugged Again!

Posted by Steve Pollock on Tuesday, May 15, 2018

His Royal Snit Fit

Portrait: His Imperial Majesty The Roux throws the Royal Snit Fit, leading His Court in vocal protests against All This

A Dressing Down

The Royal Photographer churl just got told off (and HOW!!) big time, so I snapped a quick one and ran.

Simon Invades

His Imperial Majesty registers Royal Displeasure over an infiltration into the Kingdom by an insolent guerilla fighter from the K.A.T.

Shanghai'ed Yet Again

His Majesty has been, yet again, drugged and shanghai’ed off to that den of iniquity, the vet’s office, for an

Unhand Me, Foul Knave-Churls!

His Majesty is NOT in a mood to be recorded. Rash is gone, ears are better, but not quite there

Dragged Off to Hell

His Majesty is trying to magically blink away this followup vet visit, a la “I Dream of Jeannie” It’s not

I Must Protest This Assault Upon Our Person

“I must protest this assault upon Our Imperial and Royal Person! We have been captured and drugged –DRUGGED, We tell…

I'm Ignoring You. You Know What You Did.

His Majesty The Roux won’t deign to even look at me because of the whole Major we are not amused

We Are Not Amused.

A confession from the Churl: His Majesty is throwing his snit fit not about the tree, but because I had

Ebeneezer Basset Scrooge

His Imperial Majesty The Roux wishes it known that you can take your monstrous Christmas tree, which is blocking His…

Make with the Fries, Churl!

"Churl! You better make with the fries or I'm gonna wreck this kitchen!" His Majesty #IAmTheRoux demands the remains of

His Majesty's Crush

We have de'tente! His Majesty is deigning to take a nap next to Princess Tessa, who is at the Manse

Gotcha Day for The Roux

Yesterday was a bit much, but His Majesty #IAmTheRoux did get extra hugs and Frosty Paws for dessert on his

Staples Removed from The Roux

His Majesty wishes it be known that the Royal Surgeon has removed the staples from his recent ear injury and

His Majesty's Ear Mishap

Official from Saddlebrooke House, Newsflash: His Majesty #IAmTheRoux wishes it known He has survived a coup d'etat… Posted by Steve

His Majesty's Mercy

Posted by Steve Pollock on Sunday, July 31, 2016

His Majesty's Outdoor Throne

His Imperial Majesty, #IAmTheRoux, awaits a lift up to the new Garden Throne (a.k.a., the new hammock), but growls when…

Headed to Basset Waltz

His Imperial Highness #IAmTheRoux wishes his loyal subjects to know he has begun his royal progress to Basset Waltz and

Nasty Cow

His Imperial Majesty #IAmTheRoux shares his Nasty Cow, a possession prized as much as an egg by M. Faberge', with

A Bout of Gout

His Imperial Highness Prince #IAmTheRoux wishes his Loyal Subjects at home and Dear Friends Abroad, that, owing to an… Posted

Got Yer Back, Man

Goose: "Got your back, bud." Roux: "Thanks, man. That stupid cat could be back any minute." Bosom buddies, masters of


Posted by Steve Pollock on Saturday, April 2, 2016

Battling Bumblebeeism

And what was His Imperial Majesty Prince #IAmTheRoux doing after Sir Goose battled the forces of bumblebee-ism? Clearly,… Posted by

Nail Trim Drama

The Roux. At the vet. For a nail trim. Pity and pray for the poor folks who are about to

Imperial Garden Party

'Midst the verdant green of their Saddlebrooke Place manse, Their Imperial Majesties, Queen Sascha on the left, His… Posted by

Royal Conversation

His Imperial Majesty, #IAmTheRoux, is the King of the Castle, but Queen of Our Hearts Sascha knows better. Here, we

I Am The Roux!

I Am The Roux. I am a loud basset. A proud basset. A messy basset. A hungry basset. A loving