Category: Fergus Murphey O’Dougal Beagle

Yawny Fergus

Fergus Beagle avoids the camera studiously, so I snuck up on him and caught him mid-yawn. Incredibly, he turns 11

Fergus Gets Gingerbread

Head Beagle Fergus gets a gingerbread lion too. Posted by Steve Pollock on Saturday, December 2, 2017

Beagle. Anal. Glands. Urk.

Beagle. Anal. Glands. If you have/have had a beagle, you probably understand why we’re over the river and through the…

Fergus, Post-Surgery

Taking Fergus home after some surgery to remove a couple of skin tags, his teeth thoroughly cleaned and some testing.

Happy Birthday, Ferga!

Hard to believe, but Fergus Murphey O'Dougal tuned nine years old today. This pic was taken in the summer of