Six Words

Page Six reports on a contest in which 25 celeb-writers were asked by BlackBook Magazine to write a short story in no more than six words. (This was evidently a follow-up on an episode in which Ernest Hemingway, given the same challenge, wrote: “For sale: Baby shoes, never used.”)

Here’s Rick Moody’s response: “Grass, cow, calf, milk, cheese, France.”

Um. I don’t know. Dale Peck says that Rick Moody is “the worst writer of his generation,” and as much as I loathe Dale Peck’s writing, I’m beginning to wonder if he’s not on to something.

John Updike’s response was: “Forgive me!” “What for?” “Never mind.” Meh.

Norman Mailer’s was not bad: “Satan—Jehovah—15 rounds. A draw.”

Irvine Welsh’s was pretty good: “Eyeballed me, killed him. Slight exaggeration.”

Well, nobody topped Hemingway. Of course.