In America: Private Generosity, Public AgitProp

While the Emperor stubbornly sits on his ass in Crawford and turns a Norwegian official’s comments about rich countries being stingy into a fascist agit-prop campaign against the UN, « donations via Amazon to the International Red Cross are over $2.3 million and rising ».

With the death toll topping 80,000 today and climbing, every penny will be needed to make a difference. Even while the absent Emperor and his minions waste time with their propaganda campaign against the UN and the hapless Norwegian, they were shamed into raising official US aid to a total of $35 million. « They finally trotted out Caligula at Crawford today », almost a week after the disaster (and days after snarkily bitching about President Clinton’s statement days ago) for the prayer-and-piousness dog-and-pony show, along with ‘I’ve got an idea! Another coalition of the willing! Yeah! And a warning system! That’s the ticket!’

What an embarrassment.

Meanwhile, we should give and do what we can … let the world know that we’re not all ignorant, angry, mean fascists.