The 500-Mile Mark

I had to run over to Auburn Hills this evening and the Jeep passed the 500-mile mark with no problems.

The biggest shock has been the abominable gas mileage: 13.4 on the first tank, which was just driving around Ann Arbor.

This evening driving home, the monitor said I was getting 18. 13 and 18 are a far cry from the 17 and 21 on the sticker.

Still, other than contributing to the slaughter of the environment, which does disturb me, I’m very happy with the Grand. It’s rock-steady in the snow and slush, the heated seats are fabulous and it’s so smooth and easy to drive. I miss very little about the Wrangler, even though I would like to have kept it as a fun second car.

I still am not thrilled about the rear blind spots; a couple of times on the freeway this evening, there were cars there that I wasn’t aware of at all. It will take extra vigilance.

I’m liking the color better this week.