Just Over 215 Miles

I’m getting close to my first fillup on the Grand. Since it’s a bigger tank, it will probably cost me more, even though it gets me further down the road.

After one week, I’m even happier with the Grand than I thought I would be. The more I look at it, the things that I liked most at first are now some things that I’m not so crazy about: the Dark Khaki is a nice color, but kinda bland; and the front headlights are a bit … goofy. Or something.

I was at lunch in Delhi Park on Wednesday afternoon and pulled out to go back to work. Another brand new Dark Khaki Grand went down the road in front of me. That’s when I sort of noticed the blandness of the color and the back end.

Still, I like the boxier look and it feels like a nicer version of the Cherokee which I missed so badly the last four years. I love the heated seats and leather and the smoothness of the ride and the stereo system with the wheel mounted controls. It’s nice to have a cruise control again (even though I don’t use it that often) and the remote entry is fabulous.

So far, it hasn’t cost me anything. The only wrinkle: I got a nasty letter from Chrysler Financial yesterday demanding over $1700 for ending the lease on the Wrangler ‘early.’ Guess they weren’t informed of the ‘pull-through’ program. I hope this isn’t a harbinger of big-time pain with them in the future. I’ve got a call in to the dealer to find out.

Meanwhile, it’s great to drive. Frank hasn’t driven it yet, but that’s going to have to be corrected this weekend.