Adjusting to the New Reality

« Molly Ivins is freaked out ». It’s a great column, but the ending is … a tad naive, I’m afraid.

‘In the name of Jesus Christ Almighty, why are people representing our government, paid by us, writing filth on the Korans of helpless prisoners? Is this American? Is it Christian? What are our moral values? Where are the clergymen on this? Speak out, speak up.’

You know I love you more than my luggage, Molly, but you’re just not fully aware of the new reality in the Empire today, even though you’re almost there: According to my own sister and other family members, knee-jerk supporters of the Emperor all, this IS American … this IS Christian … and this IS the way things should be … and to speak out and speak up is to be a much-hated and much-reviled evil liberal monster.

Like me.