Sometimes I wonder who’s living in more of a state of denial, the right or the left.

Just two examples from today’s Michigan Daily:

One community activist is quoted thusly: “It’s very clear that the real public needs their voice heard. The Democrats do not represent the real people, nor do the Republicans.”

Okay, so who is this “real public” you’re talking about? Are they the “real public” who thought voting last Tuesday was too much of an inconvenience? And if neither major party represents them, why did they not vote? Because neither party represents them? And now they’re feeling disenfranchised? Ever heard of “begging the question”?

A student was quoted in another article as saying, “We as students need to realize that the government always knows more than we do, because we hear things from indirect sources and the media misconstrues things. We need to put faith in our government and intelligence agencies to make informed and proper decisions.”

So, the government is now equivalent to God? Sounds like somebody has some hard learning to do.