What About Terra?

Why no more terrorist attacks and what will you do about our safety?

Kerry notes that Emperor has told us it’s not a question of if but of when. These people wait and plot and plan. I agree we have to go after them. I can do it far more effectively. We need the best intelligence. We need better cooperation in the world. Better homeland security. 95% of containers are not inspected. Bags are x-rayed, but not cargo holds of aircraft. Notes Bush choice of massive tax cut over homeland security. Overcrowded hospitals.

Bush says he tripled the homeland security budget. Brings up some unrelated 1993 Kerry vote. Says we have to be right 100%, we have to be offensive. People are working hard. Loves the PATRIOT Act. Says Kerry wants to weaken it. Kerry can’t succeed in Iraq and it will be a haven for terrorists. Dredges up same old talking points. Yadda yadda yadda.

Gibson asks Kerry if he thinks terror is inevitable. Kerry says Bush said it is. The test is not if you’ve added money. He chose a tax cut.

Bush says he’s worried about our country. Way to defeat the enemy is to spread freedom.