On the Draft

The Emperor on the draft:

Rumors on the internet: We’re not going to have a draft period. Volunteer army is best to fight 21st century wars. We don’t need as much manpower on Korean peninsula.

I can’t follow him any longer. He’s off the rails, making no sense. But promises no draft while he’s the emperor.

Kerry responds that he doesn’t support draft and proceeds to highlight his military supporters (generals) and then talks about the Emperor’s failures and the way he’s overextended the military. National Guard, Stop Loss, back-door draft, underpaid military, hurts communities. I will add 40,000 active-duty forces. My foreign policy will build alliances, not going it alone.

Emperor is about to have a cow. ‘Tell Tony Blair we’re going alone!’ About to split a gut.

Kerry says eight countries have left the coalition. Missouri would be third largest country in alliance (in population). 90% of costs coming from our pockets.