Spend, Spend, Spend

Explain your spending and lack of vetoes.

Emperor: We have a deficit because of Clinton recession. It ain’t my fault. We’re at war. TRIFECTA!!! Money, ammunitions and pay! Security! We have an obligation to spend that money. Everybody got tax relief. Trickle down!!! Voodoo economics! Haven’t vetoed anything because we’re working together (?). I won’t shortchange our troops.

Kerry responds. My healthcare plan is not what Bush says it is. You have the choice and control. On deficit. Bush was handed $5.6 TRILLION surplus. He now has a $2.6 TRILLION deficit. First in 72 years to lose jobs. Tax cut during war. 1% of America, the highest in America got $89 billion tax cut. Tax cut for less than $200,000.

Gibson cuts in with ‘How you gonna cut the deficit?’

Bush whines about it’s all Clinton’s fault. What a whiner.

After 9/11 and after the end of the recession, Kerry says Bush lost millions of jobs and gave money to the wealthiest. $25 billion giveaway to corporations. ENRON!