On the Environment

Emperor on the environment:

Off road diesel engines … increase wetlands … refurbish inner city sore spots … Clear Skies Orwellian Initiative … conservation reserve program … Healthy Forests Orwellian Initiative … hydrogen auto technology … unClean Coal Orwellian … I’m a good steward of the land … LOUD GUFFAW!!!

Kerry: Emperor isn’t living in reality. Don’t throw labels around, they don’t mean anything. Labels don’t fit. One of worst administrations in modern history. Orwellian names. We’re going back. His chief EPA investigator resigned … backwards … science.

Bush jumps on Kyoto treaty … it would cost jobs. Popular in halls of Europe. Good god, he’s such a tin-foil hat Freeper.

Kerry: Kyoto was flawed, but it was a start … Bush didn’t try to fix it … we walked away from 180 countries work over 10 years.