Overheard at the Fair

What fun the Fair was! Lots of good food … crowds of strangers carrying artsy things on sticks … fiddling boys playing for tips … an earnest young woman pressing a brochure into my hand that proclaimed that ‘Jesus was the greatest Artist of all time.’

And as I was walking east on Liberty at the Fair yesterday, a thirtyish guy, definitely not from Ann Arbor, kept up a running commentary behind me (for the benefit of his silent and bored girlfriend) as we passed all the political booths.

‘Howard Dean?! Yeah, right. You people are crazy. Pppptttttt.’

and the prizewinner:

‘I’m gettin’ really tired of all this peace crap.’

Yeah? Well, just stick around if the Boy Emperor regains the throne in November, buddy. You won’t have to put up with any ‘peace crap’ for at least four more years.

Still and all, it was a fun event and the weather was wonderful.