Traffic No-Nos

Like I said, I’ll never understand Michigan drivers, no matter how long I live here.

This afternoon I was waiting to cross the street (at Division and William, I think) and a driver of a sports car stamped his accelerator and sped through the green light as though it had just turned yellow or red. What’s the point? You can use your accelerator! We’re all impressed! Big whoop!

I got off the Wolverine Shuttle bus tonight at a stop on State just before the Stadium underpass. The bus was stopped for about two minutes as I got out and as it waited for cars behind it to pass. The bus pulled away from the curb and a gray Lexus-type sports car (yeah, another sports car) sped furiously around and ahead of the bus, even though there was traffic in the oncoming lane. I guess crap like the concept of “two lanes of traffic” doesn’t matter to people anymore, whether it risks an accident or not. So, Lexus driver, you saved three seconds by cutting in front of a bus. Wow. I bet that made a huge difference in your ridiculous existence.