Me, Many Times

WN737-700 N753SW, operating as Southwest 345 from Nashville (KBNA) experiences nose gear collapse on arrival at KLGA. Left here at 2:33 p.m. TeeWee news channels (thank god) are so focused on serial killers and the Windsors’ latest reproduction that they’ve given very little air time to the incident, and so we’re spared the horror of their overwrought and willfully stupid coverage. Local news here in Music City is not much better. Given the local connection, they’re frothing only marginally less than the nationals. Read avherald.com tomorrow for real coverage.

[Insert the usual rant here.] LEAVE. YOUR. CRAP. ON. THE. PLANE. DURING. AN. EVAC. «No cell phone, no purse, no rollerboard full of vacation souvenirs made in China is worth people getting injured or killed because you have to wrestle your kitchen sink down the aisle and through the door». Think about someone besides yourself for a change.[/rant]

And the appalling/hilarious background to this photo is unfolding on Twitter as “social media producers” with the likes of CNBC, Fox, etc., pressuring the photog for rights to publish the pic. Not sure whether to throw up or laugh myself into a heart attack …