Countdown to the Carving

A couple of hours from now, I head to the «hospital», where the «surgeon» will perform a «laparoscopic cholocystectomy« and thereby rid me of one of my internal problems.

The worst part pre-operatively speaking is going without food and water after midnight. Since the procedure isn’t until 1 p.m., that’ s a long, long time for me to be without Dr. Pepper or breakfast. And I can only have a liquid diet afterwards. Yuck.

I’m not too concerned about it. Twenty years ago I would have been freaking out. At the time, the mere thought of being cut on or losing a body part would have made me pass out cold. Now, after years of tests and procedures to find the source of my joint pain/hypertension, I’m pretty inured to it all. And not afraid of not waking up. Life is what it is. It can end suddenly. And probably will (as opposed to peacefully overnight in the middle of sleep) for many of us, including me. So, it is what it is … human life. I’m sure I’ll wake up and get a Dr. Pepper and be bitchy about the pain and come home and go to bed and shut up. And life will go on.

The curious thing about this four-month-long process has been that with the fat-free diet, I now find any hint of fat really, really unpleasant tasting. Frank accidentally bought me some low-fat cream cheese for my bagels and I couldn’t stand the taste. It was weird. Especially since my whole life has been all about the burgers and barbecue and other fatty things. So, the ‘lap choli” isn’t likely to end my fat-free diet. I like the taste better and it’s better for me.

The next battle will be to get the sugar intake under control. And to resolve, somehow, the adrenal issue.

Y’all have a great day and great weekend. I’m off to get some serious drugging and to be carved up like a turkey.