Welcome Knottyboy

Added to the blogroll tonight: « Knottyboy », aka I Bet After Sex He Smokes a Ham. All the way from Etna, Wyoming, ladies and gentlemen.

A sample:

‘I saw it. After months of hoopla I saw it…Brokeback Mountain. Now don’t get me wrong, the sexually charged scenes were intense, raw and beautiful. And Ang Lee did a great job of filming and the scenery [wasn’t Wyoming except for a few bits, Canada mostly] was breathtaking and set the tone of this outdoorsy flik. But for the love of god let’s not produce another pathetic-closeted-fag movie. I mean really! Some say that’s how it was in the 70’s for gays. Well pardon me my dear but the calendar I have next to my desk says 2005.
For the sake of your mother’s eyes won’t you please stop drudging up the past in a way that shows just how fucked up the identity of gays were. Oh, and this doesn’t even cover the 5 women’s lives these two mentally fucked up. You like dick? Yeah? OK you’re what we like to call gay. Now go off find some cock of your own, buy a fixer-upper and turn around and sell it for oodles of cash. In the mean time have a couple of dogs and read the Theater section of the New York Times. THE END. END OF STORY. No blood, no one has to get bashed, no one has to watch these two “confused”, albeit muscly men rifle in their trousers for each others willie, knowing full well that they’ll be going home to their chain smoking, booze binging wives.
‘I thought gay used to mean happy? Well let’s try to do our parts please.’

Breath of fresh air. And check out his profile. There’s hope for Wyoming yet.