'A Pervasive Culture of Revenge AND Secrecy'

As always, it’s smell-a-rat time; « what are the Mayberry Machiavellis trying to hide THIS time? »;

‘Citing privacy and precedent, the Bush administration indicated Sunday it does not intend to release all memos and other documents written by Supreme Court nominee John Roberts when he worked for two Republican presidents. … Fred D. Thompson, the former Tennessee senator who is guiding Roberts through the nomination process on behalf of the White House, said material that would come under attorney-client privilege would be withheld. He contended that previous administrations, both Republican and Democrat, have followed that principle. “We hope we don’t get into a situation where documents are asked for that folks know will not be forthcoming and we get all hung up on that,” Thompson told NBC’s “Meet the Press.”’

Yes, god forbid we should get hung up on open government and full disclosure. That wouldn’t be very … democratic of us, would it?