Offensive Air

Here’s something fun: free expression and religion « collide on the Delta Shuttle »:

‘Dear Ignorant Wench …

‘When you walked toward me smiling and stopped in front of my seat (I had just collapsed in a heap), I thought you were going to offer me a word of encouragement, you had a very kind face and a nice smile and so I smiled up at you waiting for kind words. That was, until you opened your snatch mouth and forced me to accompany you to the front of the plane while announcing loudly that I would have to remove my t-shirt because it was “offensive.”

‘I am sure that my dopey smile, born from my expectation of kind words from you, must have remained on my face a moment to long for I was in shock. I will never forgive myself for stammering my response “Offensive, to whom?” I WISH I had offered a strong voice as loud and forceful as yours, but my stammer, although not excusable, can be attributed to complete surprise. Your smug response that “It was offensive to Christians and if I didn’t remove the T-Shirt I would be forced to deplane” caused me to stare at you in horror.’

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Oh, how fun!