Spring Has Sprung, Finally

Well, it looks like there may be rain and even some snow (!) later in the week, but today was undeniably spring. After a chilly, drab Easter Sunday, today dawned sunny and the sun stayed out all day long — the first all-sunshine day we’ve had here in, what, an eternity? Probably my favorite thing about Ann Arbor is that you know it when the seasons change. I saw my first robin of the year tonight at 5.30. There were innumerable starlings and other warblers out everywhere you looked. I saw more joggers out on the sidewalks of Tree Town this afternoon than I’ve seen in the whole past three months. Undergrads were out throwing Frisbees, the area around campus was packed with students and tourists, it took the bus over five minutes to traverse the block between William and South U, that huge mound of dirty snow outside our house is finally almost gone … yep, it’s spring again.