Blogging Fatigue (Part 2)

Yes, I suppose we have been blogging less lately. I confess to a lot of blogging fatigue, brought on mostly by a heavy final term at SI. Still a hell of a lot to work to do before it’s all over, seven weeks and change until my final final, graduation a week later, then …..

No more school. Strange to think about.

The weather hasn’t bothered me a lot, although I have taken some unfortunate spills in patches of ice in the past month or so (falling flat on my rear end both times, the second time more severely). I have accommodated to the snow and the cold far better than I thought I ever would. But I do understand why most people wouldn’t agree with me in my equanimity toward the prolonged winter, and I told a friend of mine the other day that if this had been three months straight of rain rather than snow, I would be in serious grouch mode myself about now. I am getting kind of tired of trudging through the snow and dealing with the dry-air-induced asthma, come to think of it. My spine isn’t too happy, either.