Spongedob Stickypants Strikes North

Not content to run roughshod within the Empire, « jack-booted Fascist FunDumbMentalists are mounting a hard-core press to export hatred and discrimination to Canada »:

‘American evangelists are urging Canadians to oppose same-sex marriage. The anti-gay groups are using Christian broadcasters to spread the message. Earlier this week, James Dobson, chairman of the Colorado-based Focus on the Family, in a broadcast heard on 130 radio stations across Canada denounced the government of Prime Minister Paul Martin which will bring in a same-sex marriage bill next week. “Your prime minister, Paul Martin, has recently done things to subvert the will of the people,” Dobson said. “It is clear here in the United States that the American people do not want same-sex marriage,” Dobson continued. “I would hope that Canadians who also do not want same-sex marriage would be encouraged by what has happened down here.” Dobson told listeners that same-sex marriage is not a human rights issue and that passing such a law would destroy the institution of marriage and undermine society. Dobson concluded his broadcast by calling on Canadians to pray on the issue and to donate money to Focus on the Family.’ [Emphasis mine]


Note that key last sentence there: Evil Dr. Dobson, known around the blogosphere as SpongeDob Stickypants, is exporting good ol’ American imperial fear and ignorance to Canada in order to soak up more money.

What a greedy, avaricious, disgusting, evil and immoral jackass.

Hey, Canada! Amurrica may be permanently asleep, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t wake up and recognize the menace on your southern border.

The empire has people like Spongedob and Ann Coulter, who recently said that Canadians ‘better hope the United States doesn’t roll over one night and crush them. They are lucky we allow them to exist on the same continent.’

Wake up, Maple Leaf! You have a very serious problem on your southern flank.