Autumn Finally Here?

Yesterday was the beginning of the term “study break” (what a joke) and also of (true) autumn: rain most of the day (not heavy, but not sporadic, either), windy conditions, and cold that that was deep enough to make me actually rue not having brought my gloves and a heavy jacket. I waited for the bus last night, and, predictably, the one that should have showed didn’t show until 20 minutes later and by that time I was across the street waiting for another bus that would show five minutes after that one. It was not a pleasant wait, despite whatever affection I may have for the presence of seasonal weather. I walked from Stadium and Packard home and was bone-cold by the time I made it through the door. On the plus side, traffic was relatively light, both pedestrian and vehicular. I actually made it across Stadium without having to wait for five minutes for all the cross-traffic to clear.