Summer Lingering

Weather’s getting gradually cooler, but it still feels like late summer (despite the change in our page colors). Today there was scarcely a cloud in sight, the temps were up in the 70s, and it felt more like May than September. (Well, it felt like May would have felt if May hadn’t been rainy and cold.) It was windy on Sunday, but it was a warm wind, not a chilly autumn one. The flora and fauna seem stymied. Some trees are turning, and some are staying put. Squirrels are still rushing around, with a noticeable increase in nut-gathering afoot. I startled a skunk rooting around in a front yard as I was walking home tonight. When we walked the beagle in the park on Saturday, a blue jay chattered at us angrily from a tree. I saw a flock of Canadian geese flying past one day last week, but it was unclear to me whether they were migrating or merely flying to another part of town. It hasn’t rained in quite a while; I don’t recall the last time it actually did rain. This will all be over sooner than later, though, I suppose. The nights are definitely starting to come earlier.