Good, Bad, Ugly

Pleasant: Walking home at twilight on a mildly warm Monday night, the streets of my neighborhood almost completely deserted. Looking up and seeing the crescent moon in all its glory. The sunsets and twilights this time of year are absolutely unparalleled.

Unpleasant: Harried and rude shoppers rushing around Kroger, acting like jerks even when the store was virtually empty. Memo to those shoppers: Despite what you may think, the supermarket is not your damn personal inventory barn. Get over yourselves and show a little common courtesy.

Pleasant: Walking through the neighborhood on a Sunday morning, early (before 11.00), before much of anybody has rolled out of bed yet. Squirrels romp over the grass and, I notice, the crows are slowly re-appearing. They are so big and ungainly, yet somehow simultaneously trashily elegant, and impossible to ignore. They are fascinating to watch.

Unpleasant: Not being able to find a crucial textbook I’ve been looking for … anywhere. I went to Borders late last week and asked about it; the information desk guy duly looked the title up, but it was not in inventory, so he said he’s get back to me. Of course, he never did, and it’s several days later. I guess it’s time to click on