Bayley Murphy Beagle is 10 Today


Bayley Murphy Beagle was born in a double-wide trailer house in Kemp, Texas, near Dallas, on 20-Aug-94, to Laddie Lattie and No-No Emmitt. He came to live with David and I on 17-Oct-94. He is better travelled and has lived in more places than most people I know. He has lived in Dallas and Plano, TX; brief periods in Duncan, OK; Highlands Ranch, CO; Pleasant Hill and San Francisco, CA; and now Ann Arbor, MI. He has ridden Jeeps through TX, OK, NM, AZ, CA, UT, NV, CO, AR, TN, KY, OH and MI, probably better than 10,000 miles.

His favorite things are … food and sleep. His pet peeves are nail trims and teeth brushings, the vet’s office and being woken up from a nap. And squirrles, skunks, rabbits and kitties. He is celebrating his birthday by snoring on the couch and scoring an extra PeaMutt Butter Treat. Thunderstoms and tornadoes don’t phase him in the least but plastic bags and the yelling that ensues when I talk on the phone to any corporate customer service representative send him running.

He’s overweight (my fault) and has some growths that have to be taken care of in the next couple of months, but is in otherwise excellent shape. He sticks to his Unca Frankie like glue and enjoys chasing rabbits in County Farm Park.

He has been pictured in a San Francisco publication for Yerba Buena Gardens and is the inspiration behind the entire AirBeagle domain name. He lives much of his life in front of a digital camera and has had more photos taken of him than many small children of doting mothers. He is spoiled shamelessly and shamelessly takes advantage of it. And we love him very much.

A very happy #10, my little puppy dawg, and many more!