Enforced Break

You’d think AirBeagle was moribund since there hasn’t been a post here in over two weeks … but you’d be wrong.

I’m simply suffering through a period of forced inactivity thanks to the onset of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, which began in May, reached its peak as I tried to start grad school the first of July (and knocked me out of aforementioned grad school for a year to boot) and is now kind of like World War I—it’s settled down into a war of attrition and trench warfare, with pre-dawn raids, the taking of prisoners and plenty of fighting hard for 150 yards of mud followed by a retreat back to original positions by the end of the day.

In plain English, I’m in a period of six weeks of enforced inactivity, barely able to spend much time maintaining other pieces of AirBeagle and do a little work here and there for a client. I’ve had to turn over housework to Frank and he even has to fetch the buckets of hot and cold water I need each night to soak the hands according to the physical therapist’s orders.

I go back to the surgeon on 3-Sep for more assessment; possibilities are an MRI and surgery or yet another six weeks of enforced inactivity, which would drive me further crazy. It’s bad enough sitting around being unable to take care of things I always take care of. The wearing of splints at night in bed is just beyond frustrating.

I finally remembered that the therapist said that if wearing both splints was driving me nuts that I could at least alternate them. So I wore the left one last night and will wear the right one tonight, and so on.

In the meantime, I’m afraid posting will be pretty few and far-between until at least 3-Sep … and if I have to have the dreaded surgery, then probably longer than that.

And yes, I’ve been trying some yoga and exercises, vitamins (magnesium, B6 and B12), special gel rests for computer usage, the splints, water baths and inactivity. While things are better than they were the first of July, I’m a very long way from getting true relief.

Ah well. Onward and upward. Thanks, as always, for stopping by and having patience during my summer ordeal. I’ll be back to rippin’ the Boy Emperor a new one as soon as I can …

Good night, y’all.