“Party Girl”

Finally broke down and watched “Party Girl,” that strange little 1995 cult flick with Parker Posey as a Manhattan clubhopper who is inexplicably and fanatically converted to the religion of Melville Dewey overnight (and whose love interest is a Lebanese falafel vendor who secretly yearns to be a teacher). A very odd artifact in spots, with a wildly uneven tone, and it definitely bears the imprint of the year in which it was released (after all, its pivotal scene revolves around the Deee-Lite track “Music Selector Is the Soul Reflector”). But in its way, it’s very cute and very entertaining.

There’s a shout-out of sorts to UM near the end. (“It’s so much fun there!”) And Parker has some very good, snappy lines. The best scene is when she’s learning the DDS and dances around the library alone all night long shelving books and (how quaint) rifling through card catalogues.