Retro Post—31-Jul-03

[It’s aSquared’s First Birthday … we’re celebrating by looking back at events from a year ago … skip these retro posts if you’re not into sentimentality.]

This was Frank’s first post to aSquared:

The last time I’ll give directions in San Francisco?

“Is Lombard down that way or up the other way?”

A short hip-looking woman with black hair was asking me directions.

I pointed up Van Ness and told her it was twenty blocks or so north (actually, it’s more like 28 from Market, a good 45-minute hike with all the red lights along Van Ness) and that she’d probably want to catch a bus.

Weird feeling, to realize that that may be the last time I ever get asked for directions here.

—Posted by Frank at 20:00:31 | 31-Jul-03