Save Us, Jesus, From Your Followers

Finally, some religious leaders state the obvious … the Boy Emperor has little moral authority in spite of waving bleedin’ Jesus on the cross around like a billyclub, « and the doin’s in Iraq make it worse »:

‘The abuse of Iraqi prisoners by some U.S. soldiers points to the danger of [the Boy Emperor] describing the occupation of Iraq and the war on terror as battles between forces of good and the “evildoers” of the world, religious leaders say. Even before compromising photos of nude and hooded prisoners surfaced in the news media, some mainline Protestant and American Muslim leaders had criticized the president for a series of speeches that appeared to say that God was on the side of America. “We question that kind of theology—putting ‘good’ on us and ‘evil’ on the other,’’ said Antonios Kireopoulous, the associate general secretary for international affairs at the National Council of Churches, the major ecumenical agency in the United States. “Seeing these photos of prisoner abuse puts the lie to that,’’ he said in an interview Thursday. “It shows the crack in that kind of thinking.”’

‘Cracked thinking’ is exactly right, and thank you so very much for finally saying it.

Even so, Fascist FunDumbMentalists continue to have the blinders on; whenever the Boy Emperor bows his head and prays to his hero, Jesus, the ‘faithful’ practically fall over in a swooning faint and praise George and Jesus … even as they « overlook George’s … human failings »

‘Bush’s appearance at the prayer event in the East Room came just minutes after he apologized for the mistreatment of Iraqi prisoners by U.S. soldiers—a statement he made standing side-by-side with the king of Jordan, part of the Arab community outraged by photographs taken of the abuse. “We cannot be neutral in the face of injustice or cruelty or evil,” Bush said in his prayer day remarks, without specifically referring to the war in Iraq. “God is not on the side of any nation, yet we know he is on the side of justice. And it is the deepest strength of America that from the hour of our founding, we have chosen justice as our goal.” “Our greatest failures as a nation have come when we lost sight of that goal: in slavery, in segregation, and in every wrong that has denied the value and dignity of life. Our finest moments have come when we have faithfully served the cause of justice for our own citizens and for the people of other lands.”’

Wow. I have to admit, I didn’t think he was capable of telling the truth. And yet, straight from the horse’s mouth comes the admission that his administration is perpetrating one of our greatest failures. After all, the Cabal every day denies the value and dignity of life (unless it’s still in the womb; once that life has been slapped into breathing, look out!).

The whole National Day of Prayer thing was repeated in the Imperial Provinces and, like the national event, was little more than a Repugnant-ican political rally, « as was noted by a Minneapolis Star Tribune reporter »:

‘Hennepin County Attorney Amy Klobuchar, who limped into the breakfast on crutches (she recently underwent surgery to repair some cartilage). Klobuchar said she thought she had been invited to a nonpartisan, nonsectarian prayer breakfast. But she was the only DFLer on display and the prayers seemed tailored for a very Republican God. Hennepin County District Judge Catherine Anderson offered a prayer so long that the faithful who held their hands high to support her with outstretched arms had to go to a one-hand system and switch arms from time to time. But if her prayer was lengthy, it was also fervent, especially when she asked God’s blessings on George W. Bush, Tim Pawlenty, Condoleezza Rice, Donald Rumsfeld, all of their advisers, staff and Cabinet members and a long list of mostly Republican officials. … Poor Klobuchar. When breakfast ended, a man named Richard Johnson came over and asked her to call him up and pray with him sometime. “I didn’t know any Democrats are Christian,” Johnson said. He makes his living selling Noni Juice, a bitter potion that cured his back pain and rejuvenated his skin and can cure any disease, unless maybe you are an infidel or a chronic Democrat. “I assumed that Christians have been driven out of the Democratic Party,” Johnson told Klobuchar, “but I pray to the Lord Jesus, and I’d like to pray with you.”’

Big of him, wasn’t it?