Stuck in the Basement

Sadly, I haven’t actually ridden the bike in a month. What with the new drug for the arthritis, and the subsequent nasty allergic reaction to aforementioned drug, and the onset of cold and rain, the Bobcat is in the basement attached to the stationery stand, awaiting a more opportune time to get out and about. It probably won’t be this weekend; 1 to 2 inches of snow are predicted.

After the last time I rode the bike to work at the high school not far from my house, i had my appointment with the rheumatologist, who diagnosed ‘reactive arthritis’ and gave me sulfasalazine to get the inflammation in my joints down. I had an allergic reaction to that and am still not fully recovered.

Still, I plan to put on the snow tires and try some snow riding, if we actually get that much white stuff. I’m beginning to feel the effects of the lack of riding on my middle section, where my newly loose-fitting size 36s are now my very snug-fitting size 36s. It sucks.