Vote Tomorrow

I found this info at the excellent site this afternoon that is worth distributing as widely as possible.

  • Find out today where your polling place is by calling your county clerk or checking

  • Alternatively, call 1-866-MYVOTE1 to find your polling place.

  • Check the hours the polls are open with your city or county clerk.

  • Print the League of Women Voters’ card in English or Spanish and put it in your wallet or purse.

  • Bring a government-issued picture ID like a driver’s license or passport when you vote. Some states require it but if there are problems, you will certainly need it. If you have a cell phone, take it to call for help if need be.

  • As you enter the polls, note if there is an Election Protection person outside the polling place.

  • If you are not listed as a registered voter, try to register on the spot. Some states allow that. Otherwise, talk to the Election Protection person if there is one or call 1-866-OURVOTE for instructions. If neither of these helps, ask for a provisional ballot, but you will need a picture ID to get one.

Washtenaw County Clerk: 200 North Main, Ann Arbor. 734-222-6700.

Ann Arbor City Clerk: 100 North Fifth, 2nd Floor, Ann Arbor. 734-994-2725.

Ypsilanti City Clerk: One South Huron Street, First Floor, Ypsilanti. 734-483-1100.

Saline City Clerk: 100 N. Harris St., Saline. 734-429-4907.

Chelsea City Clerk: 305 S. Main St., Suite 100, Chelsea. 734-475-1771.

Ann Arbor Township Clerk: 3792 Pontiac Trail, Ann Arbor. 734-663-3418.

Dexter Township Clerk: 6880 Dexter-Pinckney Rd., Dexter. 734-426-3762.

Pittsfield Township Clerk: 6201 W. Michigan Avenue, Ann Arbor. 734-822-3120.

Scio Township Clerk: 827 N. Zeeb Road, Ann Arbor. 734-665-2123.

Please vote.