Go Vote!

Tomorrow is pretty much the most critical election I’ve seen in my 41 years on the planet. Voter turnout is expected to be the highest it’s been since I was a child.

Fascist volunteers will be at polling sites in key states, just waiting to pounce on the unwary who are in the wrong polling place. They know that the national fascist party cannot win unless they suppress the vote.

So, know before you go: « a new website called My Polling Site » can help you find the correct polling place before tomorrow. I highly recommend it.

If you’re in Michigan, « the Secretary of State’s website » will also tell you if you’re properly registered or not. Be sure and check it out as well.

And go vote. Giving the Emperor another four years will absolutely devastate this country. We need a result that will send a strong message and can’t be overturned through fascist voter fraud.

Go. It’s your duty, lad.