Why Do They Hate Us?

A woman’s family travelled overseas and noted intensity of hatred to US …

Emperor says, ‘We’ve got a great country and I recognize I’ve made some decisions …’ Invokes Reagan and the Cold War. He made decisions because it was best for our security. Slaps Arafat. Slaps Europe. It was unpopular but the right thing to do. Democracy. Blah blah. Terra. Blah blah. International Criminal Court. Blah blah. Sometimes decisions are unpopular, but right. Presidency is not popularity.

Kerry responds. Sounds calmer and more in control. Bush sounds like he’s spraying spit all over the state. Kerry notes Bush’s words four years ago about what he would do in war. Brings up Shinseki. Notes betrayal by administration of what had been promised. ‘He rushed to war without plan for peace … he broke his word.’

Bush says he asked the generals if they had what they needed. Sounds petulant. Blames the generals.

Kerry notes that winning the peace is larger than the military. President’s job is to win the peace. He didn’t do what he was supposed to do. Our kids are being killed … KICK ASS!!!!