Cell Phone Invasion

There’s another thing I don’t understand. I freely admit I’m not yet with it when it comes to cell phones. I use them when they’re necessary, but not much otherwise. And I just don’t get why people use them in places like theaters and libraries.

A security guard apparently maced a couple of kids who were using their cell phones on Saturday night while “Catwoman” was showing at a movie theater in St. Petersburg, FL. I don’t think the couple should have been maced, but I think they should have turned their cell phones off. I was doing some research at Hatcher this afternoon and a woman sat at a desk in front of me carrying on a conversation on her cell. She was positively quiet compared to the jock who stood in front of the reading room nearly shouting into his cell.

If you’re in an emergency, I can see pulling out your cell phone and making a call in a library. But otherwise, why? Other than the fact that it’s quiet there and you just don’t care about anyone else around you overhearing your loud conversation. The library staff has probably become resigned to cell phone breaching the library space at this point; I have never seen any librarian (or anyone anywhere else, for that matter) pull aside a cell phone user and ask him or her to stop, because doing so would probably risk an incident of cell phone rage.