The Truth from the Pollok Estate

This one caught my eye for two reasons: First, and most importantly, it’s a ringing denunciation of the bloody Cabal over the body of a 19-year-old Scottish Fusilier from a true Man of God and Peace.

Second, it occurred in the historic ancestral Land of Pollok in Glasgow, which may (or may not) be whence we sprang.

But this is just awesome. « Shame on You! »

’”I want to believe that if there’s a God in heaven then there will be justice because I want someone to pay for Gordon’s death,” Dr. Mann told a hushed congregation. “But only God may judge who is ultimately responsible and I can only admonish—I’m just a preacher. And if I were to point them out, I would say to president George Bush and Prime Minister Tony Blair, I have only three words of admonishment. “I pray that they may some day be inscribed on the tablets of your hearts—and those three words are ‘shame on you’.”

‘George McNeilage, a community campaigner and family friend, said that the teenager was an “economic conscript”, forced into the army because of a lack of prospects on the impoverished Pollok estate. The teenager had simply hoped to get a driving licence and a trade from a career in the service, he said.’

Almost a thousand American families can pretty much say the same of their dead too. But God bless and save and keep you, Dr. Mann; you’re a true man of courage and conviction.