In a mere 25 minutes or so, the first homo marriages in the United By-God States of Amurrica will take place in Massachusetts.

[sarcasm] We’ll be hiding in the basement so that the Angel of Death and Divine Retribution ‘Gainst the Homos and Homo-Loving will pass us by as this cataclysmic event foisted upon us by Activist Judges occurs and God gets really, really angry. [/sarcasm]

Actually, the ADDRGHHL will probably concentrate his efforts just on Masschusetts tonight, so we’ll be quite safe right here in God-Fearing-and-Respecting Michigan, where they treat us homos like we’re supposed to be treated: Denied medical care if a ‘christian’ doesn’t want to treat us.

Si Quaeris Peninsulam Amoenam Circumspice indeed. (And yes, I’m a bit jealous of Massachusetts gay and lesbian couples tonight. Oh well, it could be worse … we could be in [shudder] Oklahoma.)