Redesign Pretty Much Done

The site redesign, which took me two laborious weeks, is for all intents and purposes finished. How I’m gonna keep up all these ‘blogs, I dunno, but it’s a nice concept and let’s me do some different creative things, especially writing for writing’s sake.

It’s cold and snowy. I woke up with a sinus headache and having to face the fourth graders from hell. It was painful, but I made it through okay, then went to CVS and got some naproxen and came home and took it and a nap. Got up at 7, kinda groggy, but I’ve been wide awake since and got quite a bit of work done.

Biggest pressing issues now are to come up with text for the consulting section, finish all those tedious galleries and do two design choices for Casa Emdeko and especially to get cracking on FII stuff, they’ve waited far too long.

But it’s almost 01:00 and I’m toasted …