On Suffering Veterans, Railroad Robber Barons and Digging Up the Dead

Little-noticed news today includes news that Gulf War Syndrome-suffering veterans are probably suffering from exposure to toxic chemicals, something the Pentagon has been lying about for over a decade; a revealing report in the Times that shows that private freight railroads have been engaged in a decades-long pattern of death- and injury-causing neglect and have then hidden behind Amtrak, which means they’ve passed on the expensive consequences of their bad behavior to the taxpayers and, in corporate news, that the Ford Motor Company is shamelessly resurrecting dead people to shill for cars they probably would have hated—in this case, Steve McQueen, who has been dead for 24 years. « Read more »

There’s just 19 days left until the big election, when we get to find out if our countrymen will embrace the Boy Emperor’s uniquely Amurrican brand of nascent fascism or if we get to step back a bit from the brink for four years. In the event of a renewal of Imperial power, Canada is looking mighty good to me.

On the homefront, I still am trying to be careful with my wrists, but it’s not easy. I’m getting better and better, but it’s taking a very long time (not to mention expense and pain). It’s much easier to quickly update links on The AntiFascist than it is to write longish entries here in my ‘blogs, so that’s primarily where the action is these days, I’m afraid. But I’m still not going anywhere; as my favorite quote goes, ‘I shall yell “Tripe!” whenever tripe is served!’

Good night, y’all.