Category: Feargal

Looking Out for Squirrels

Feargal and Fred were keeping a very careful watch out for squirrels on this day. It was a daily chore and they took it Very. Seriously.

Play Time for Feargal and Fred

The three beagle brothers loved to romp and play. And romp and play. And eat.

Wait, Did I Just Hear a Squirrel?

Feargal was extremely attuned to what was going outside of the house. He hated cheeky squirrels almost as much as Bayley did.

Maybe It Wasn’t a Squirrel After All

Feargal also enjoyed basking in the late afternoon sun streaming in the window. He was very photogenic.

Feargal Responds to the Alert

After Fred gives the alarm, Feargal responded and helped his brother scope out movement in the front yard.

Time for a Scrum

The beagle boys have a bit of a rumble. They got distracted while checking out the possible squirrel.