Remembering Braniff Flight 250, 47 Years Ago Today

Taking time today to remember a tragic moment: 47 years ago today: Braniff International flight 250 crashed on Tony and Vernell Schawang’s soybean farm northeast of Falls City, NE, taking 42 lives. The crash had widespread consequences, both personally and in the industry. We fly safely today without any thought thanks in large part to sacrifices like those made that night.

In memory:

Captain Donald G. Pauly, 46, Minneapolis, MN; First Officer James A. Hilliker, 39, Bloomington, MN; Hostess Ginger Elaine Brisbane, 21, Minneapolis; Hostess Sharon Eileen Hendricks, 21, Minneapolis.

Bosted, Private Larry Joseph, Omaha, NE; Broadfoot, Andrew Dewitt, Offutt AFB, Omaha; Chamblin, Nancy, Ft. Smith, AR; Chamblin, Susan, Ft. Smith, AR; Cox, Danny Ray, Omaha; Denies, Ronald L., Bayard, NE; Duerkson, Jean, Victoria, TX; Dyer, Ava, Washington, D.C; Eschback, Donald, Omaha; Eskelinen, Kenneth, Omaha; Ferrero, Donald, Offutt AFB, Omaha; Foster, Leslie David Jr., Omaha; Gilbertson, Patricia, North Little Rock, AR.

Graeber, Lyman Monroe, Spring Park, MN; Gummers, Mrs. G., Omaha; Hamm, Mary Kay, Houston, TX; Hamm, Susan, Houston; Howard, Charles E., Omaha; Hudson, Russell E., Ft. Worth, TX; Jacobson, Patricia, Fargo, ND; Johnson, William O., Glen Flora, WI; Jordan, Cheryl Lyn, Minneapolis; Kowtaliw, Bohdan, Chicago, IL.

Kuhr, Mitchell L., Omaha; Kuhr, Ruth L., Omaha; Mayer, Adolph, Omaha; McConnell, Eugene P., Council Bluffs, IA; Mills, Opal, Gonzalez, TX; Murphy, William, Sauk Village, IL; Paul, John H., Overland Park, KS; Robertson, Garrett George, Omaha; Roettger, Grace Rhodes, Decatur, TX; Smith, Donald R., Bellevue, NE; Tejada, Virginia, Guatemala City, Guatemala; Ward, Charla J., Omaha, NE; Welter, Robert D., Des Moines, IA; Wilson, Frank, Fremont, NE; Wright, Donald Keith, Omaha.