Fell back asleep this morning while reading. Must have been more tired than I thought. Started having dreams. Last one was about going to Dad’s funeral. For some reason, we took a train to get to the church. Also, I refused to go to the funeral on time and had to be dragged out by a brother-in-law. (Which is partly true; I had a hard time stepping out to walk into the church at the real funeral. Taking that step meant that the funeral would begin and it would be the last we’d see of him and I wanted everything to stop and go back to the way it was.)

Back to the dream: as we were getting off the train and going in to the funeral, I was getting balky like a mule again, just like at the real thing. One of my female relatives gave me a hug and as I hugged her, I felt her cold, wet nose nudging me in the face.

I immediately woke up … and there was a big, cold, wet Basset Hound nose sniffing around my nose and mouth! He was very worried, I guess by the sounds I was probably making because of the dream. So he had come in and hopped up on the bed and checked me out thoroughly. Once satisfied I was awake and breathing, he wiggled down onto his back for belly rubs.

Good ol’ Roux. (Although, did you have to have the nose THAT close to me when you checked me out?! I suppose you did, but YEESH!)