29-Dec-12: Red Wings WZ-9268

Red Wings flight WZ-9268 overran Moscow Vnukovo’s runway 19 and impacted the M3 highway at 16:35L on Saturday, 29-Dec. Five crew members were killed and three injured.

The aircraft was a ferry flight which originated in Pardubice, Czech Republic; no passengers were aboard. The Tupolev TU-204-100B has a seating capacity of 210 in a one-class configuration. The accident aircraft was approximately four years old. It was the first fatality accident for the Tupolev type, which first flew in 1989.

Weather at Vnukovo was reported as -2C, with snow and crosswind gusts between 16 and 29 knots.

Red Wings, owned by Alexander Lebedev and founded in 1999, has ten TU-204-100Bs in its fleet. It operates scheduled and charter services within Russia and to several destinations in Europe, Asia, and Africa.

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