Long Time No See

Gosh, it’s been hot.

So how’s everybody been? We’re still here, just a bit overwhelmed. I start grad school in two weeks and the allergy assault on Frank continues unabated.

The beagle is on a new diet and we have a houseguest for an extended stay.

The last day of school for Ann Arbor PS is tomorrow; I plan to go spend an hour or so in the morning with my favorite class of autistic students at a northeast AA elementary school. It’s been quite a year taking care of them; I’ve learned so much and had such a great time.

And there’s a new Mac under my fingertips; for grad school notetaking and so on, it was necessary. It’s a new 15-inch Powerbook G4 and it’s totally fabulous. It came with OS 10.4 Tiger, which is pretty indescribably awesome. It continues to prove that WinDuhze is truly primitive. The difference between Tiger and WinDuhze is like the difference between flying London-New York first class on Concorde and rowing a leaky bathtub.

Enough product placement for now. Back to pre-reading for grad school.