Back From Blue State Hell

Yes, dear friends, I’m still alive and haven’t dropped off the end of the earth. But you could see the end from where I was: Oklahoma.

Okiehoma. Oh my. Parent’s 50th anniversary was the occasion and I drove the Jeep because I still had books and sundry items in Duncan to pick up.

Oh the things you see on the road. Missouri: One endless stretch of Jesus billboards punctuated every few miles by Adult Superstore porno palaces ensconced in old Route 66-type gas stations, connected by an interstate full of frightening-looking people driving cars with Bush-Cheney ‘04 bumper stickers and support the troops magnetic ribbons. Illinois, Indiana and Oklahoma aren’t much better than that; Oklahoma doesn’t have porn palaces, Indiana seems to be lacking in the scriptural billboard department and Illinois now has a gigantic 20-foot -tall steel cross by I-70 (see pic below). Since I passed through it in the dark early in the morning, I’m not sure what southern Michigan has to offer and I’m not sure I want to know.


All-in-all, it was a good trip, even if I had to confront (for 2,300 miles roundtrip) just how Fascist FunDumbMentalist has become the Imperial Heartland.

Back to regular posting soon, dear ones; thanks for hanging in there with me! More later …